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What's Happening in 2024


7th- G. Bryan JR Tour 

20th - Polar Bear Open Tournament 10am S.G.

25th - Old Guard Outing 10am S.G.


4th - G. Bryan JR Tour 1pm TT

11th - PMGA Superbowl Event 10am S.G.

18th - G. Bryan JR Tour 1pm TT


14th - B-L Baseball Outing 

18th - Pro Lady 11:30am S.G. 

28th - B-L Rotary Outing 10:00am S.G.

Event's are subject to be cancelled or changed to do weather or other unforeseen circumstances. 

Scroll to the bottom to see this months calendar with social events

**Outings in blue are hosted by the club**


4th - M.L. Culver Outing 10:00am S.G. 

18th - GHS Pondo Shootout 10am S.G.

20th - 21st - PCC Member-Member

25th - B-L Fire Department Outing 10am S.G.


2nd - Old Guard Outing 10am S.G.

10th - Poultry Festival Outing 10am S.G.

27th - Memorial Day Scramble 10am S.G

30th - GHS Baseball Outing 10am S.G.


1st - R.P.G. Masonic Outing 9:30am S.G.

6th - SR Golfers Outing 10am S.G.

13th - S.C. Lady Coaches Outing 10am S.G.

21st - 23rd - PCC Club Championship TT

27th - Sandlappers Outing 9:30am S.G.


4th - July 4th Scramble 10am S.G.

8th - S.C. State Am. Qualifier TT 8:30am

18th - Central Seniors Outing 10am S.G.

25th-27th - PCC Member-Guest  


15th - AL's Seniors Outing 10am S.G.

22nd - Old Guard Outing 10am S.G. 

31st - September 1st - Ryder Cup Matches 10am S.G. 


August 31st - September 1st - Ryder Cup Matches 10am S.G.

19th - Lexington Choral Outing 10am S.G.

26th - GHS Tomohawk Outing 10am S.G.


3rd - Midlands Seniors Outing 10am S.G.

10th - Camp Kinard Outing 1pm S.G.

24th - Chavis Burn Center Outing 10am S.G.

31st - Senior Golf Circuit Outing 10am S.G.


7th - Old Guard Outing 10am S.G.

11th - Veterans Day Scramble 10am S.G. 

14th - Lexington Lion's Club Outing 10am S.G.


5th - Aiken Seniors Outing 10am S.G.

14th - Santa Open 10am S.G.

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